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The steampunking of Milliways has worn off. Bob's back to being his normal self.

He should be happy about that, but he's got other things on his mind right now.

It wasn't real, Bob keeps telling himself. Dot loves you. She proposed to you, you're getting married in two minutes, you're having a child together, for code's sake...

But he still can't silence that nagging doubt in the back of his mind.

He knocks lightly on the door of Room 503. "Dot? Are you there?"
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"Yes, in the bathroom!" There is a highly jubilant tone to that call.

Someone might just be enjoying NOT WEARING A CORSET anymore and dressing up.
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"I'm enjoying the fact that I'm no-longer having to wear those ridiculous clothes." She calls back. "Just a nano, I'll change into something more comfortable and respectable..."
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"It does if we want to have a nice night out together downstairs."

She steps out in that number she wore for the birthday party. This usually puts a smile on Bob's face. "Everything switch back alright with you?"
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"Sure...what's on your processor?"

...That was a fast smile fade there.
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Okay... This is...worrying.

"...what brought this on?"
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There's a weight on the bed next to him as she sits down.

"...why did you choose to come back to Mainframe?"
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"You could have gone to work in another system, couldn't you?" Dot says quietly looking at him.

Not like Mainframe was his only option.
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Bob gets a dry, light chuckle from Dot for that one.

"Bob...I didn't pick you because you were the only elegible bachelor in Mainframe." Dot smiles. "I picked you because you are loyal... and you've put up with a lot of spam from me over the last few hours. You're strong, sweet, and someone I know very well..and that I do want to spend the rest of my runtime with."
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Hrmm...let's see...

It's how they first they kept meeting...

"You know what frustrates me about those situations?"
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"There's always the chance I could lose you again." She says quietly. "Permanently."
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"I know."

She squeezes the hand back gently. "But I did not choose you just because you happened to be 'available'."

"I choose you because I love you...and you...running off to be a hero is part of why I love you. frustrates and worries me."
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"I don't think I'll find anyone I'd rather spend the rest of my life with." She leaned over onto him. "Face it, you're stuck with me."
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"Woe is you..." More woe...for she is snuggling up to kiss him, dressed be crashed.