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Bob, Guardian 452 of System Mainframe ([personal profile] mendanddefend_archive) wrote2008-05-07 09:13 pm

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The wedding is less than a second away, and Bob's been informed that he's expected to write his own vows. He promised Dot that he'd have them written by the end of the week.

Now, two cycles later, he's still got nothing.

Bob gets up from his seat and paces to the far corner of the room and back again. He stares down at the .txt file on the table, willing the speech to write itself. Alas, it's just as unobliging as it was the first fifteen times he tried the same thing.

This is crazy. I'm not even the one doing the planning but the wedding is still driving me nuts. Why does this have to be so complicated?? We should just go to the P.O. together and tell Phong that--

His head snaps up. For a long moment, he stares off into space.

Then he bolts for the door and out of the house.

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