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Honeymoon: Not-Nude Beach

After a bit more research and a lengthy conversation with the front-desk clerk at their hotel, Bob and Dot have located another beach--not a nude beach this time, but at least it caters to humanoids rather than gastropods. Better still, there's no chance of getting sunburned, because this particular beach has never seen daylight and probably never will. It's an underground lagoon lit by bioluminescent mushrooms in every color of the rainbow, clinging to the walls and pillars of the cavern. ("Don't even think about trying to eat 'em," the desk clerk warned, which just made Bob wonder why anyone would want to.)

Whatever. The lighting is lovely, the water is pleasantly cool, and they've got the entire cave to themselves. For now, anyway.
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"This is gorgeous..." Look at the glows and colors. "Oh where'd I pack the camera, I've got to get some screenshots of this..."
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"Great!" She turns around to dig through the bag to find the camera in the bag of towel.

...Crashit, why'd she use a compression field inside of this bag...

Dot might be awhile.
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"I'll find it in a nano, you go on ahead!"
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The moment he does so, he'll hear a splash behind him. Accompanied with the giggling of ladies.

Don't mind them, they're just enjoying the scenery.

Namely that fine ass.
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Another splash and more giggling. Coming from his right this time.
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Another splash and more giggling, and if Bob turns towards the noise this time, he'll be greeted with 3 very lovely young women laying in the water and smiling at him.

"Hi there..."
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One, the mermaid with the colorations of a Christmas Wrasse, smiles at him, with a voice covered in honey. "Oh we don't mind...thought it was just going to be a girl's afternoon here...didn't we?"

The other two are just smiling at him with sighs of content at him, swishing their tails behind them slowly.
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"Nice to meet you too..." It might be noted that mermaids do not often bother with such frivolties such as clothing.

At least, not with that one colored like a Royal Gramma.

"Come here often..."
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"Awwww...." In chorus even. "And here we were hoping to see more of you while you where here."

...Yes. He heard that right.
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"Then again...maybe you wouldn't mind spending a little time with us..."

There's another splash, behind Bob again. Except Glitch can probably tell him who that is.
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You know, the one coming up with the camera.

"...Bob...what's going on?"
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"Just about the scenery." One of them smiles, although a bit disheartened.

Damn, already caught and landed.

"....sure you were."
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"Speaking of...I don't suppose you girls would mind helping us take some vacation photos..."


Man, there are MANTICORES less intimidatng thant his woman.
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...She heard that.

"Simple enough.. viewfinder is this button once to zoom and focus on something..." Dot goes through the steps carefully, one hand to a stomach that's putting out regular pings now that the daddy is nearby.
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"Yes, dear.... Next time, I'll explore the area and you can schmooze with the locals." Dot murmurs hugging him, and giving him a kiss on his cheek. "And thank you Glitch, for 'taking the controls' for that nano there."
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" say the sweetest things..."