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Waiting Room

There are a number of surprisingly well-dressed programs waiting outside the Principal Office medbay.

They are well-dressed because they just came from a wedding.

They're waiting because the COMMAND.COM is giving birth in there.

They're waiting outside because when Hack poked his head in earlier he nearly went deaf from the screaming.

(Oh, and Bob's in there for moral support, and because he fears the wrath of his wife if he leaves her alone at a time like this.)

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As Slash starts humming under his speakerplate (robots don't BREATHE) one might find Hack really is slightly deaf from that.

"Hmm mmhmhmm mhhhmm."

And both mookbots are just a bit bleached in front, though standing with their backs to a wall hides this some.

After they got her into the medbay, they tried to help out.
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Enzo has, purely out of habit, grabbed a zine from the table, but he's not reading it; instead, he's scrolling through it, up and down, over and over, too fast to scan. One knee is jiggling up and down.

He knows there's no reason for him to be in there, nothing he can contribute, but between his Guardian protocol and more personal anxiety, he's ready to burst from the urge to do something. He almost wishes a Game would land so he could do something productive, however irrelevant.
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The newlyweds are busying themselves by pacing, moving around each other easily each time their paths meet.

The renegade paces with his hands clasped behind his back, muttering nonsensically to himself as he moves. The Game sprite, on the other hand, does not speak, instead choosing to scrub a hand worriedly at her hair every so often.
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Ironhide's just ... well, he'd fidget if he knew how. The instant Lissar comes in range he's going to ask her whether they need to stick around for this. This is so far outside his programming and experience it's not even funny.
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Dani's sitting beside Enzo, twiddling her thumbs and looking around the room every so often. Occasionally she'll unclasp her hands and adjust how her skirt lays across her lap and the chair, then go back to twiddling.

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Mouse is sitting in one chair with her feet up on another, usually a natural posture for her but, in this case, somewhat ridiculous-looking because of her dress. Not that she cares.

Yes, Mouse is nervous, but unlike some sprites of her acquaintance she doesn't see any point in bouncing around like a packet with its header cut off when you can't do anything about a situation. And she doesn't want to ignite the tension-choked atmosphere into a full-blown panic, so she's trying to keep her cool. And pretty much succeeding, because she's very good at that kind of thing.

It's notable, though, that she's staying quiet, not cracking jokes or trying to lighten the mood.

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Lissar keeps a strong hold on Demyx's sleeve and beelines for Ironhide. Her eyes are a little wild, there's only one other humaniod birth she's ever attended.

It was bad.

She doesn't think about it.

"AndrAIa, congratulations, do let me know if you have way to visit at some point; I shall arrange things, and Ironhide, Demyx, and I need to go." Now. Before she breaks down. Humaniod Ironhide and a birth and no. Lissar needs to leave. "Pass on my best of luck to the parents, may the child be a pure individual and look nothing like them beyond some vague similarity of form."

That's her version of a blessing. Seriously.
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AndrAIa pauses in her pacing as Lissar approaches, and, seeing the wild look in her friend's eye she gives a sympathetic nod.

"I'll pass along the sentiment, thank you. I'm sorry things got so crazy."

She turns away briefly to wave the pair of mookbots over.

"Hack and Slash will escort you back to where you're staying, I'll swing by later, okay?"

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"Dey're Kits, right?" Slash blinks, looking up and over. Just the distraction his small processor needs to not think about what's happening in the room.

"What'd she say?

Yup. Little bit deaf.
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The Game sprite nods to the mookbots, rattling off the string of numbers that serves as an address.

"Now, you two get them there safely, alright?"

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"Yes ma'am!" They reply in unison, rolling on up to the Non-cyberspatial trio of visitors.

They're both grateful to be leading them out, not only are they getting a chance to be helpful, but leading Ironhide, Lissar and Demyx away from the hospital is enough of a focus that these two won't be thinking about the birth.

Or about Miss Matrix's family history.

Or about Mairi's zappy capa-


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"Time to roll out," mutters Ironhide. "Lead the way."

The sooner he gets his real joints back, the happier he'll be.

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Lissar nods and drags Demyx away from looking at the posters to get them all out of here.

"See you later." she murmurs.
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Enzo throws his zine back onto the table. "What's processing in there?" he moans, although he doesn't expect an answer.
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Grimacing slightly, AndrAIa turns her attention to the noises in the next room that she's been studiously ignoring the past little while.

"Well, Dot's screaming, but at least they're angry screams... Bob sounds like he'd like to scream, I think she's holding his hand too tightly. The doctors, they're trying to calm her down, but that's just making her angrier...and they're saying things about dilation and so on but I don't really know what it means."

The Game sprite shoots Enzo a bemused look.

"Do you need anything else, or can I stop listening in, now?"
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...oh, yeah. She can do that.

"Uh, no. That's okay."
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Ray is fidgeting like crazy. It's not only because of the birth thing; he's feeling restless and claustrophobic. He sucks at waiting, and the mood in the room discourages chit-chat. He's already gotten in trouble with Mouse once today for making inopportune jokes.
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A binome nurse emerges from the medbay ("—SHOVE SOMETHING THE SIZE OF YOUR HEAD THROUGH AN OPENING THE SIZE OF YOUR FIST AND SEE HOW CALM—") carrying a tray of small object that are best not examined too closely for sanity's sake.
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Enzo pounces—figuratively, but it takes all the restraint he can muster not to do so literally as well.

"Is everything online in there? Are they all right? Why's she so early?"
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The nurse scowls a bit—anxiety is to be expected, but he's in a hurry and he has a headache coming on.

"It's going as well as can be expected; she should be crowning shortly. And the baby may be early, but the mother is minutes late. She just couldn't hold it in any longer. She'll be fine, but the father needs an icepack."
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"What about Mairi?" he demands, but the nurse has already hustled off. Enzo slumps. Still, that's half a relief at least.
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Arms crossed, Matrix watches the nurse hustle off before remarking mildly to the gathered sprites, "I'm surprised it's just an icepack that Bob needs."

There's some general murmurs of amusement at the comment, but all too quickly things settle back into a anxious waiting game.

AndrAIa eases herself into one of the empty chairs, busying herself by extending and sheathing her spines. Occasionally, she winces as she dares listen in through the door, but after some time, she perks up in her seat, head snapping towards the closed door.

"It's done."
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Heads snap up all around the room.

"It is?!"
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Tilting her head to hear a little better, she nods, smiling lightly.

"The baby's crying... so's everyone else."
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Welman freezes in the middle of nervously circling the interior of his exo-suit's dome. The suit, which has been jostling and 'fidgeting' as he brushes past the controls, settles into motionlessness.

"Is it...a happy cry?"

We should only hope, doc. Then again, since AndrAIa was smiling...

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