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There's no sense of time passing. That's kind of the point of stasis lock, of course, but it still puzzles Bob a little that there's no sense of transition at all, no state change that he can detect. It's only by the rise and fall of the storage space walls that he can tell when he's going in and out of stasis lock.

"How long has it been this time?" he says blandly as soon as the walls drop again.

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"Another ten years," says the avatar, which doesn't appear to have changed much either. "And I got a confirmation on that estimate. We've only got five years left before we hit Earth."

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"Nothing concrete," says Ironhide. "But he's close enough to tap into the Earth computer systems and start learning the language. Even if he can't speak any of it."

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"No," says Ironhide grimly. "Bumblebee can't speak at all. He can understand just fine, but his voice capacitor's been damaged worse than Ratchet knows how to fix."

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"He has to use a direct digital link. After what Megatron did, he can't get anything more than a couple of squeaks and squeals out if he tries to speak aloud, but he's just fine at sending and receiving data directly."

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"He seems to think he's got an alternative lined up. Once he lands on Earth, he should be able to sample human communications through their radio broadcasts and play them back."

Ironhide sounds dubious about this, but 'Bee always had a reputation for ingenuity, so he's willing to wait and see.

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"Long as he doesn't tap into the wrong broadcast and get us into a war with the humans. The one we've got already's more than enough."

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"They've got some kind of presence on the next planet out," says Ironhide. "Mechanical probe or something. He's gonna investigate it before he puts down on Earth proper, see if it's anything like Ghost-1."
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"Depends. It's been thirty years since they launched Ghost-1. Who knows what they might've figured out from Megatron by now? It could blow up in his face, or report back to home base before he could stop it. If it's just Earth tech, he's not in as much danger."

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"Pretty sure," says Ironhide. "A bad copy of a Cybertronian piece of work sticks out like an un-insulated circuit relay."

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"Get a fix on some good locations to come down and start the search on the planet," says Ironhide. "Can't really pick the energy signature out from orbit, but we don't want to land on an undeveloped continent if we don't have to."

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"That's a start," says Ironhide. "What's this Antarctica like?"

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Ironhide grunts. "Bad place to land, anyway," he says. "Going from the heat of re-entry to that kind of cold too quickly'll put a mech in stasis lock no matter what his temperature tolerance is."

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"Optimus says we're supposed to do whatever possible to avoid giving the humans trouble," says Ironhide. "Copy their vehicles, find out if any of them have an idea where the Allspark is, and protect them from any Decepticons throwing their weight around- but nothing that would do them harm."