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Bob, Guardian 452 of System Mainframe ([personal profile] mendanddefend_archive) wrote2007-11-25 10:33 pm
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It's not a big system. Bigger than Mainframe, certainly, and faster, but there's really not much to it. There's the system core, a storage archive, a single data processing center, and that's it.

And, again, no sign of sprite presence whatsoever, or even space to accommodate sprites. Which means that, most likely, there aren't any sprites in this universe, period.

Still, it can't hurt to look... Bob closes his eyes and lets Glitch's keytool senses extend to the limits of the space. System stats: IP address, disk capacity, RAM, system software version, current date...

The last one makes him stop.

May 28, 2007.

2007. A full decade in Bob's future. Even if this is his world, and Mainframe still exists, everyone he knows will be long dead by now. Bob hesitates, and swallows hard. I have to try. I have to. And he starts looking through the ports.




Cybertronian tech is powerful stuff. When Ironhide gave the command to open all points of access to this system, it opened all of them. Including some that, technically, shouldn't exist.

Including one port which apparently opens onto nothing. Not an empty port or even onto a blank wall, but literally onto nothing.

There's only one thing Bob knows of that scans like that. He bolts for the port and--

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