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Name:Bob, Guardian 452 of System Mainframe
NOTE: This roleplaying journal has been imported from LiveJournal for archival purposes only. It will not be updated.

I come from the Net,
through systems, peoples, and cities,
to this place:

Hey, wait a nano, this isn't Mainframe. Where the heck am I?

When he was just a young Guardian-in-training in the Supercomputer, Bob had dreams of making peace between all programs, sprite and virus alike. His plans changed when Killabyte, a captured virus in Bob's custody, broke free and infected the tiny system of Mainframe. When he was upgraded to a full Guardian, Bob volunteered to protect Mainframe against the virus--who had likewise upgraded himself into Megabyte--as well as any other threats that the city might face. Over time, Bob came to think of Mainframe as home, and its citizens, especially Dot and Enzo Matrix, as a surrogate family. He's been to hell and back for them--sometimes literally--and doesn't regret a single nanosecond of it.

Bob enters Milliways during the time gap between seasons 3 and 4 of ReBoot. Megabyte has been defeated, Mainframe has been restored, and Bob is gearing up to confront the supervirus Daemon... or he would be, if he hadn't gotten up on the wrong side of reality this morning.

Bob is a six-foot-tall male humanoid sprite with light blue skin, brown eyes, and shaggy shoulder-length hair the color of tarnished chrome. There are what appear to be silver scales running from his forehead down the sides of his face and neck (it's actually scar tissue from his time in the Web). He wears an elaborate suit of silver armor, with black chainmail visible underneath. His icon is a gold medallion on his chest, surrounded by a stylized gear.
Edit: As of 8-13-07, Bob's Web-scars are gone, and his hair is a dark matte gray, almost black, as seen here. And if you think I'm redoing all of his icons, you've got another thing coming.

Bob is a Guardian program. His function in Mainframe is to "mend and defend," which involves protecting against viruses and Game attacks as well as repairing any instabilities in the system. His programming makes him feel compelled to fix anything that's broken, and to help people out of danger, regardless of who they are. Basically, he's afflicted with chronic heroism.

Bob is a bit stronger and more resilient than you'd expect--nothing really superhuman, but enough to be surprising given his size and build.

When he started his job as a Guardian, Bob was given a keytool named Glitch--a semi-sentient machine that could transform into pretty much any device Bob needed at any given time. In order to escape the Web, Glitch and Bob were forced to merge their code together. Now, Bob has most of the abilities of a keytool; he can't shapeshift, but he can fly, shoot energy beams, generate shields, make portals between systems, and perform a number of other energy-based and communication functions.

Bob is fluent in Webspeak, which <LOOKS LIKE THIS> and sounds like a 1200 baud modem.

Bob is a fairly good guitar player, but should not under any circumstances be allowed to sing.

Bob is from the animated series ReBoot, and is the property of Mainframe Entertainment. His mun, [info]leeshajoy, is not affiliated with that company or anyone else who might legitimately claim ownership of the character. Bob appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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