Nov. 25th, 2007 10:33 pm
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It's not a big system. Bigger than Mainframe, certainly, and faster, but there's really not much to it. There's the system core, a storage archive, a single data processing center, and that's it.

And, again, no sign of sprite presence whatsoever, or even space to accommodate sprites. Which means that, most likely, there aren't any sprites in this universe, period.

Still, it can't hurt to look... Bob closes his eyes and lets Glitch's keytool senses extend to the limits of the space. System stats: IP address, disk capacity, RAM, system software version, current date...

The last one makes him stop.

May 28, 2007.

2007. A full decade in Bob's future. Even if this is his world, and Mainframe still exists, everyone he knows will be long dead by now. Bob hesitates, and swallows hard. I have to try. I have to. And he starts looking through the ports.




Cybertronian tech is powerful stuff. When Ironhide gave the command to open all points of access to this system, it opened all of them. Including some that, technically, shouldn't exist.

Including one port which apparently opens onto nothing. Not an empty port or even onto a blank wall, but literally onto nothing.

There's only one thing Bob knows of that scans like that. He bolts for the port and--


Nov. 24th, 2007 08:54 pm
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There's no sense of time passing. That's kind of the point of stasis lock, of course, but it still puzzles Bob a little that there's no sense of transition at all, no state change that he can detect. It's only by the rise and fall of the storage space walls that he can tell when he's going in and out of stasis lock.

"How long has it been this time?" he says blandly as soon as the walls drop again.
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It's been three cycles since Bob realized what this place is. He's searching with a purpose, now, following the data-tracks to see where they converge, looking for where they come in and go out. Eventually, one of them has to lead to an input/output port.

This isn't going to be easy... )
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He has to find somebody.

It's been seven full cycles since he's seen anyone. Seven full cycles since he talked to anyone but Glitch. Seven full cycles without any indication of a sprite presence whatsoever. Even in the Web, it only took him three cycles to be found by the Webriders. If he doesn't run into somebody soon, he's going to go completely random.

Assuming he hasn't already. )
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The more Bob sees of this system, the weirder it gets.

Today he decided to get a better look at one of the smaller processing towers. He flew up to the very peak and spiraled down, examining every pixel of its surface. What he found was interesting--there seem to be no seams or access doors anywhere on the structure. The only openings are the nearly-invisible vertical slots which allow data to enter and exit. There are no railings or walkways, either, which seems weird to Bob. Not everyone can fly like he can, after all.

What happens when something breaks down? How do they access it to fix it?

Then an idea occurs to him. )
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There's always something profoundly unsettling about a public place that's empty of people. Whether it's a public school on a Saturday, a stadium on a day when there's no game, or a department store after closing time, it's still the same. The crowds and noise which are usually present seem to haunt the empty space, making you flinch at shadows and jump at small noises. You may be at ease in isolation; you might even seek it out... but in an empty public space, you can't shake the feeling that someone else should be there.

That's how Bob's been feeling for the past three cycles. )


Nov. 16th, 2007 07:31 pm
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...shouldn't those snowballs have hit him by now? Bob opens one eye, then the other.

The snowballs are gone. So is Tyler. So are the trees, and the lake, and everything connected to Milliways. He's... somewhere else. )


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