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Bob, Guardian 452 of System Mainframe ([personal profile] mendanddefend_archive) wrote 2008-02-08 03:01 am (UTC)

Bob takes a moment to consider how to answer the first question. "It's not that different from User-space, I think... except that there's a lot more cooperation going on. Everyone has a role to play within the system, and we all work together to make sure everyone can fulfill their functions.

"Transportation... well, there's the system bus, of course, but in a small system like Mainframe most people just use their own vehicles. Everything's flight-capable, there's no way to get around otherwise. There are a wide range of vehicles, from zipboards--those are basically just two discs under your feet that let you fly around--to cars, trucks, large cargo and passenger ships... just about anything you can think of, really.

"There are plants and animals we can harvest for food, just like in User-space, but most of our food is processed energy from the system's power source. And our entertainment is pretty much the same as that of humans... except we don't play video games, obviously."

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