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After his talk with Ray yesterday, Bob resolved to finally make contact with Isaac. Getting permission from Prime is easy enough; hooking up the interface device proves to be a little more difficult, but he manages.

Finally, all the connections are in place. All that remains is to activate the interface, using a simple control switch.

If he had lungs, Bob would take a deep breath. Here goes nothing.

He pushes the button.

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"It has been a few days," Isaac says. "There's been a network attack in Eastern Europe and it's taken quite a bit of my attention to mitigate the damage. It's mostly dealt with now, and most of the damage repaired." He sighs.

"Please, tell me. I've wanted to meet one of my cousins since I knew you existed."

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Isaac winces. "Ooh, that must be disconcerting. I expect they're working on it. Optimus has a considerable sense of responsibility. I'll offer my assistance as well - I have access to a great deal of simulation power, which may help in testing. I should have offered that before, and I really must apologize. Are you getting on well?"

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"But it's a bit overwhelming when you let yourself think about it? I know the feeling, yes - when I first... woke up, I think is the best term for it, I suddenly had all of this information and no idea what to do with it. It took me a while - oh, almost fifteen seconds - to work everything out and find something to center myself on. But from what Optimus told me, you have a center." He smiles, a bit more wisely than you'd think from someone of that apparent age.

"And once she gets done yelling and screaming, you'll kiss her and it'll be behind you both. Just remember that - when you start feeling lost, find your center."

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"Have you had fun with the body yet? Going zooming hither and yon at breakneck speeds?" He makes a zooming motion with his hands. "I can't depart this realm at all; I find myself having to understand the physical world vicariously. Optimus is quite good at sharing concepts and recordings with me."

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"I suppose I could. It never really occured to me, after all." He shrugs. "I may ask Optimus about that. But I can't leave the network at all. So much of it is part of me that if I did, I might cripple the world for a bit. That wouldn't be polite at all." He closes his eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath.

"So few people realize what a magnificent world this is, even those on it." He smiles.

"But please, tell me about Mainframe. I've heard some things about it, but I want to know more. If I'm lucky, perhaps I can find a way to help you with games."

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It's at a moment like this when Isaac, for all his apparent wisdom and insight (and the English accent) seems more like the child he appears to be. This is done by him leaning forwards and going, "ooooooooo." Then he smiles. "It's a pretty city. Not like some of the ones in, er, Userspace."

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"It's lovely," he says. "What is it like to be live there? What's transporation like? What do you consume? And what do you do for entertainment?"
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Isaac leans back. "That's wonderful. I'd love to visit, meet others like me." He smiles. "And so full of wonders. I'm very impressed - it looks like a wonderful place to live. And you are its Guardian. Does that mean you're the sherriff, come in to clean up the town?"

The last has him temporarily rerender with a cowboy hat and a big badge that says "THE LAW".

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"Ewww,' Isaac says. "I hate viruses. They itch badly. Not like spam waves, which feel greasy." He shudders.

"I hope you gave those viruses a right walloping!"

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"That's a very subtle distinction in the eyes of many. It must not have been terribly easy for some people to understand what your purpose was in that situation." He sighs. "And I've been a frightful host - would you like some tea, or coffee, or anything of the sort?"

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"It's all a simulation in here, and Optimus let me access his files on how things taste, so I should be able to. Be an interesting experiment, won't it?"

Isaac takes a moment, cupping his hands, and his brow furrows in concentration. Slowly, going from black and white to CGA to EGA to VGA and rendering up to photorealistic, a pair of mugs appear in his hands.

And there is the smell of coffee.

"I think I slowed down the email in Europe doing that," he says, handing one of the cups to Bob.

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"That's terrible. You really should have that option. It seems so unfair." He takes a sip from his cup. "A bit strong for me." He puts the cup down.

"It all sounds so glamorous - people from everywhere meeting and talking and having fun. I know there's more than that, but that's how it sounds." Isaac smiles. "And it's brought a pair of cousins together to meet and talk, That's worth a great deal to me."