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After his talk with Ray yesterday, Bob resolved to finally make contact with Isaac. Getting permission from Prime is easy enough; hooking up the interface device proves to be a little more difficult, but he manages.

Finally, all the connections are in place. All that remains is to activate the interface, using a simple control switch.

If he had lungs, Bob would take a deep breath. Here goes nothing.

He pushes the button.

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"Sorry - I'm not very good with reading people. No experience. I thought I'd offended you or scared you." He sighs. "I spent a great deal of time avoiding being found, and that leaves a... tendency, I suppose." Isaac takes a deep breath.

"I do apologize if I've done that - offended or scared. It really wasn't my intent."

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"I have the same problem, just at a different scale. The users, the people, they don't know about the fact that the network their world has become dependant on is alive now. I have a responsibility to them, to keep it working because if it fails, I will die. And now I realize that I, without knowing, nearly destroyed someone... in a way it makes me no better than those Users. I do not want to say, 'oops, I was ignorant' as my answer." He points at the screen, which changes to show two humans talking, and one with skin like polished ebony offers the skinny pale man a choice of a red pill or a blue pill.

"They may never truly understand, Bob, until they can look outside themselves. So few humans really can do that, and I wish I could tell you how to make it better without risking your own existance. All I can do is tell you I hope. I hope someday I can reveal myself without fear; I hope someday Users and sprites come to an accord and there is a way for Games to happen without destruction. But you may not see that day... perhaps your children, or theirs, will."

Then he chuckles. "I spend too much time with Optimus Prime. I'm sounding like him now."

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"I just thought it sounded a bit like him. I'm still working on finding my own voice, really - until I revealed myself to him, I had no one to talk to. I just gathered information and acted on it." He chuckles. "And now my cousin comes calling, and I am pleased as punch to meet him."
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"Really! I must have picked the idea up somewhere. I can change if it disconcerts you."

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"He told Optimus the same thing. Please send him my greetings in return." It's odd, isn't it, having someone who looks like Enzo and yet, in some ways, is so different.

"I'm glad you came to visit. It really helps me feel not quite so lonely."
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There is a moment where Isaac stiffens at the hug. And then, suddenly, he hugs back tightly.

"Thank you... thank you very much, Uncle Bob."